Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beers of Belize

1. Belikin. This is the main beer in Belize. Its a surprisingly good and refreshing lager. If a place sells beer then it sells Belikin. 4.8% ABV

2. Belikin Premium. Like the name implies this is a slightly more expensive lager. Its mos
tly find in resort areas. 4.8% ABV

3. Belikin Stout. Comes in an identical bottle as standard Belikin; its identifiable by the blue bottle cap. Its a good stout and I actually prefer it to the lager. 6.5% ABV

4. Belikin Lighthouse Lager. Like the name implies, this is an even lighter version of Belikin. In my opinion its an inferior beer. It is a less common beer. 4.2% ABV

5. Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. This beer is actually brewed in Belize rather than Ireland. Foreign Extra can be found in Africa and the Caribbean. Its comparable to Belikin Stout but is a little more expensive and has a little more alcohol. It has the highest alcohol content of the beers of Belize. 7.5% ABV


Monday, April 12, 2010


The Lonely Planet travel guide describes Belmopan with this:

Travelers arriving in Belize's capital are faced with the most basic of all existential questions. What am I doing here? Thankfully the town provides a ready answer: changing buses.

There really isn't too much to see in Belmopan unless you have an interest in administrative capitals. If you do find yourself there for a day it can be interesting to make a few friends by having a lunch of fish and rice and Marie Sharp's hot sauce on the picnic tables near the government offices with Belizean officials on lunch break.


About This Blog

This blog is dedicated to Belize and Central America from the Yucatan peninsula to the edge of the Mosquito Coast in Honduras. After spending a lot of time in Belize I've picked up on a lot of info that isn't in the guidebooks and this blog is my chance to record it.

After travelling extensively, I've come to realize that Belize really is a country like no other. Its a place with geographic diversity from the coral reefs to the Mayan mountains, and cultural diversity from the ancient mayans to the garifuna. All it takes is one ride along the bumpy dirt road on an old school bus in Belize to really appreciate the fact that you are in a place like no other.

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