Monday, November 21, 2011

Caye Caulker of Bannister Island?

If you're looking to vacation independently in Belize (instead of on some kind of cruise ship), Caye Caulker is a much better destination than Bannister Island.

Bannister Island mostly caters to short term visitors on cruise ships and doesn't have as much of a local Belize feel.

Caye Caulker has access to all the activities you might want to do and has great local restaurants with fresh caught sea food.  It feels a world away from the mainland and taking a ferry from Belize City is a great part of the adventure.


About This Blog

This blog is dedicated to Belize and Central America from the Yucatan peninsula to the edge of the Mosquito Coast in Honduras. After spending a lot of time in Belize I've picked up on a lot of info that isn't in the guidebooks and this blog is my chance to record it.

After travelling extensively, I've come to realize that Belize really is a country like no other. Its a place with geographic diversity from the coral reefs to the Mayan mountains, and cultural diversity from the ancient mayans to the garifuna. All it takes is one ride along the bumpy dirt road on an old school bus in Belize to really appreciate the fact that you are in a place like no other.

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